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Your business has a story.

Let’s tell it together.

Tired of being a secret?

“My business/product/service is phenomenal, but it’s the best kept secret in our industry.”

You’ve probably said that more times than you care to admit. Isn’t it time to get the word out?

Contact Outreach Strategies to get started today! We’ll show you how to harness the power of well-crafted stories that move people to action.

Press Releases

New products? Newsworthy events or accomplishments? Make sure reporters know!

Media Strategy

Print, broadcast, social, web. Where does your story belong, and how do you stay on message?


Public speaking comes in many forms, and it’s not just for political candidates and CEOs.

Case Studies

Promote your successes and show potential customers exactly what you can do for them.


You don’t have to be a great writer to be a thought leader. Get help putting your expertise in writing.

Grant Writing

A compelling story is key to clarifying your goals and receiving financial support for your cause.

About Me

I’m Cheryl Rice, and I’ve been a professional writer in one form or another for my whole career. I started out in television, and that’s where I learned about the importance of clear, relatable, well-told stories. Since then, I’ve held positions in marketing and public relations management in both the corporate and non-profit worlds, but I’ve also spent a lot of my professional life as a freelancer. That means I’ve done just about every kind of writing you can think of. And a lot of it. Can I help you tell your story?


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